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This guide has been compiled by Tim Davies of Practical Participation with shared learning from many contributors.

The most recent work on this guide was supported through the work of the Local Government Information Unit Action Learning Set on Youth Participation and Social Network Sites.

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Worksheet: putting together a case for social media use

Often you will need to prepare a case to show why using social media in your organisation is important. In the why use social media section of this guide we have considered a wide range of different reasons for using social media in youth engagement. However, your case will be specific to your organisation.


How you make your case will depend on the normal practice in your organisation. However, you might like to consider the following elements:

The Proposition

Explaining social media

  • What you want to do. How will you explain your plans in a way that is accessible to someone without much experience of social media?
  • The way that you want to do it How will you use your existing professional skills and values in the social media space?

The Pull

Demand from young people

  • Going to where young people are. What relevant evidence can you show about the online behaviours of the young people you work with, or are trying to reach?
  • Demand from young people Do you have evidence from the young people you work with showing how they want to engage with your information, opportunities or service;

The Push

Drivers from above

  • A need to engage. How can social media help you meet your aims, objectives and targets?
  • Efficient and effective. How could social media play a role in making your work more efficient, targeted and effective?
  • Government or organisational policy - Are there policy drivers for using social media? For example, the Communities in Control empowerment white paper called for greater use of social media tools in engagement. Your local community strategies or organisational strategies may also make mention of social media.

The Potential

Taking it further

  • Increased reach. How could social media help you extend your existing work?
  • New opportunities. How could social media help you deliver new services that you've not yet been able to provide?

The Practicalities

All things considered

  • Safe and Sound. Can you show that you have given though to the policies, guidance, training and resources needed to put your use of social media on safe and sound foundations?
  • In partnership with young people. Can you show how you will involve young people as partners in all stages of developing your use of social media?
  • Evaluation. How will you evaluate and bench mark your social media engagement?


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